My Approach

Sessions typically last 55 minutes and, ideally, should take place weekly and at the same time each week. There will be regular reviews to ensure that therapy continues to be productive.

The first meeting is an initial interview and lasts half an hour. This is a chance for the client to ask the therapist any questions they may have before starting to meet regularly.

Core Process Psychotherapy is drawn from both Buddhist and Western influences. It is about deeply listening and responding to the individual.

The content of the sessions will be as unique as each person is unique. For example, there may be laughter as well as tears, there may be exploration of the past as well as the invitation to become more present in the moment. We might talk or simply slow down and pay attention to how things really are.

People interested in body psychotherapy may find my approach is right for them, as I often use the techniques of Somatic Experiencing, a form of therapy developed by Peter Levine, which is aimed at resolving the physical and emotional effects of trauma.

The aim of this approach is to re-awaken self-regulation of the nervous system. This work overlaps with Core Process psychotherapy: more recent trauma may be helped by a more specifically SE approach; at other times SE becomes a technique within the psychotherapy.

Counselling and psychotherapy sometimes take the client into difficult areas but, hopefully, this will be understood as a stage on the way to greater wholeness and there will be support from the therapist during this period.

My training:

I trained at The Karuna Institute.
This offers postgraduate training in Core Process Psychotherapy. 

It is registered with the United Kingdom
Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) as a training and accrediting organisation.

I am a qualified SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner).

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