In what way is psychotherapy better than talking to a friend?

Talking to a friend may be great but a friend will want their turn too! With a therapist you donít have to listen; this is just for you. Also, friends and family may just want to cheer you up, and that is not always appropriate. A therapist will be able to hear just how it is.

I already have insight into my own problems, so what good could psychotherapy do?

You may be surprised at where the therapy takes you; relief from suffering can come from unexpected sources: a therapist is trained to explore in ways you may not have thought of.

I am already going over things in my head; would psychotherapy just make this worse?

No, cyclical thinking is indeed unhelpful and something that psychotherapy would steer you away from. Core Process Psychotherapy can support the transition away from thinking and towards the physical feeling tone of an emotion, which is also the place where the healing is. Cyclical thinking is often a habit we started at an early age, maybe because we were valued for our achievements more than for simply being who we are.

Is it suitable for people with a diagnosis of mental illness?

Yes, it is suitable for everyone.

What is the difference between psychotherapy and counselling?

In general psychotherapy is a deeper process; this does not mean it is harsher: it is not about re-living past events for their own sake, but is about healing the pain by bringing it into the present.

Isnít it all a bit self-absorbed?

My own experience is that we are better able to be concerned with the welfare of others, when we have had our experiences validated and are more at ease with ourselves.


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